32 oz Hazardous Material Shipping System - 1228H05

Item #: 1228H05


Product Information

Everyday Low Price! A Complete Package: one PVC-coated amber glass bottle, absorbents, plastic bag, tin-plated steel can, corrugated shipping carton, inserts, and sealing tape. D.O.T. Exemption E-9168. For certain Class B Poisons, corrosive materials, flammable materials, products classed as "Toxic by inhalation" and "Dangerous when wet" items, as defined in 49 CFR ET, SEQ. published in October 1983, Section 172.101 columns 3, 5, per volume and height limitation described within the exemption. Meets I.A.T.A. & I.C.A.O. specifications for international and Canadian Shipments. Note: Buyer is solely responsible for selecting appropriate combination package (especially the UN numbers shown on each item). Proper exterior warning labels (not included) must be applied by the buyer. To reduce shipping costs, cartons are shipped flat with containers and pads packed separately. Each Packaging Unit Includes: 1) One Safety PVC Coated Narrow Mouth Amber Glass Bottle 2) Melamine Green Plain Round cap with F217/Teflon Liner 3) Polypropylene Absorbent Pouch 4) Tall Metal Paint can with Overcap Pressure Ring 5) Corrugated Insert 6) Polyethylene Bag for the Entire Contents 7) Tape is included