20in X 5000ft 80-Ga Machine Applied Cast Film - 1223G41

Item #: 1223G41


Product Information

Stretch Film, when wrapped by a machine, is most efficient, economical and cost effective. Machine-length film can be stretched as much as 300% beyond its designated length to create and maintain a tight, stable pressure while using less film. Both cast and blown film are single-sided cling films for easy handling between multiple loads. Items priced per roll. Cast Film Clear and quiet release. Stretches up to 250%. Great for Uniform Loads. Blown Film. Hazy appearance and loud release. More puncture resistant than cast film. Stretches up to 300%. Ultimate load containment for heavy or unstable loads. 50-gauge blown film is specifically formulated for lower stress levels on contained materials

This product requires additional handling and should ship within 5 days.