1 gal UN 4G Chem-Tran Metal-Pax Shipping Systems - 1123H05

Item #: 1123H05


Product Information

This shipping system utilizes one outer 4G box with three options for an inner container. Choose from a 1-gallon metal can, HDPE "F" style jug or HDPE square/round bottle. ISTA certified for procedure 1A. Certified for air per new iata Requirements. Each Packaging Unit Includes: 1) 4G box, 2) Certified 1-gallon inner container with closure, 3) Closure protective fiber tube, 4) Tape to secure closure, 5) Absorbent/cushioning material, 6) Polyethylene bag and bag tie, 7) Box Closure Tape.

This product requires additional handling and should ship within 10 days.