Manual Round Product Label Applicator - 1100MR

Item #: 1100MR


Product Information

Simple and easy to use! The Take-A-Label Manual Round Product Labeler works great for short production runs - no electricity required. Will label virtually any round container between 1" and 5" in diameter. The open carriage design lets you quickly load containers into the applicator. The top wipe down brush ensures that the labels are fully applied to the container. Easily change the open bottle support from one size to the next in seconds and without the use of tools. Features a fully adjustable unwind tension and a waste rewind spindle to collect used backing paper. Durable all-steel frame with a powder coat finish. Includes a 1 year warranty. Minimum label size: 1" x 1". Maximum Label width: 5". Maximum Roll Diameter: 12". Core Size Diameter: 1" or 3"

This product requires additional handling and should ship within 15 days.