Light-Duty Rubber Drainage Mats - 1011M31

Item #: 1011M31


Product Information

Also known as WorkStep, debris and liquid drain through mats surface providing increased traction and safety. Cleats elevate the bottom of the mat so that water can flow to drainage areas and limit the mats movement underfoot. Constructed of a flexible blended rubber that resists light exposure to greases, cleaners, mineral oils and solvents. Mats can be easily cut to fit any work areas. Mats are black in color. Selecting Guide to Anti-Fatigue Mats. Cushioned, soft work surfaces reduce fatigue and joint pain when standing on the job is a requirement. Anti-Fatigue matting reduces stress and strain on the body, increases traction and protects floors from damage. Select thicker mats for greater comfort and energy absorption, and consider what type of traction is needed before making a selection. Anti-Fatigue mats are designed for indoor use only. Sponge Mats provide the ultimate cushioning and support, but should not be used in wet areas. Sponge mats are fused together without glue and are guaranteed against splitting apart. Rubber Mats can be used in wet areas, but offer less cushioning than sponge mats. Rubber mats withstand exposure to chemicals, welding spatter and harsh treatment better than sponge mats. Sizes listed are nominal, mats may be slightly larger or smaller by up to 1 inch in any direction. Ships in 5-7 business days.

This product requires additional handling and should ship within 10 days.